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DIFFSYS® - Diffractive & aspheric lens generation software for precision diamond-turning machines

DIFFSYS is a Windows program for the generation of CNC jobfiles for aspheres and all types of zoned components. These zoned
components assume various names - Diffractives, Fresnels, Kinoforms, Binary, HOEs, but there are basically two fundamental

Fixed Step Height - generally where the element is working diffractively, and the step height is related to the design wavelength.
The zones have varying widths.

Variable Step Height - generally for elements which work refractively where the step height is large compared to the wavelength.
The zones are all the same width.

There may be two types of design, but there must be a dozen different conventions to describe them! The strength of DIFFSYS is to bring all these designs and conventions together in one reliable, clear and easy to use package. Here is a summary of the features of DIFFSYS:

  • All types of zoned components can be cut, including HYBRIDs where the zones are superimposed onto a curved surface.
  • Unrestricted zone equation allows fixed or variable step heights and step direction changes.
  • · Easy to use program with a clear display of the design.
  • 'Bomb-proof' maths and error-checking makes sure your design will be cut correctly.
  • Zone data can be entered in several formats, compatible with optical design programs.
  • DIFFSYS has evolved over several years, built on considerable diffractive cutting experience.
  • Round / flatted / elliptical tool compensations, essential for accurate cutting.
  • Cut from Edge-to-Center, Center-to-Edge and select spindle direction.
  • Jobfile formats most machines including Precitech lathes and older Rank Pneumo lathes.

Please ask for a free demo disk!

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